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Save A Life!!!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

You may be thinking that you are not connected to the medical field and how could you possibly get in such a situation to save a life?! Actually any one who is close to an accident or adverse situation is capable of doing this.

After an accident or collapse, the first 5 minutes are very crucial!!!

This is the time to support the heart by PUMPING blood to the brain!

This is the time to give BREATH to the victim so that oxygen reaches his lungs and thereby the organs!

The next few minutes to hours is the time to save from BLEEDING!!!

How can we achieve all these?

Approximately 95 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital.

The magical solution to retain life in such situations is "CPR".

The step in the cardiac chain of survival is to begin CPR as early as possible. Within 10 seconds is the most ideal.


The chest compression should be performed by placing the victim on a hard surface to prevent sagging.

The chest compressions should be effective and the aim should be to pump blood from the heart to the peripheral arteries. Our aim is to perfuse the brain. The brain cannot survive without oxygen for more than 3 minutes.

Why we concentrate only on compression and not on aeration ?!

The arterial blood usually contains 95% of the oxygen. And venous blood around 30 - 40 %.

The normal air contains 21 % oxygen.

In critical condition, the venous blood pumped to the brain and vital organs are enough to maintain life. But the pumping is crucial. If not pumped, the blood is not going to circulate in these organs.

So the Gold Standard is COMPRESSION. At a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute.

How to achieve aeration ?

When the initial compressions start and you are the loan rescuer, try to give two breaths after every 30 compressions. This is more valuable in children in comparison to adults because in children oxygen deficiency is the initiation of a collapse. In adults cardiac causes are higher.

What are the precaution taken after a motor accident or after a fall ?

This is a special situation where you have to care the victims spine and neck. The backbone should be kept in the same position as it is, without twisting or turning. So is the case with the neck. Any sudden movements or awkward movements of these bone can cause paralysis.

So, even a non medical person can save a life by giving COMPRESSIONS, by giving BREATHS and by taking CARE OF THE SPINE of the victim.

You are the first hand in the chain of survival. And the person's survival depends upon YOU. Upon those valuable 5 minutes of help!!!


This information is brought to you by Specialized doctors in Al Arif Heart and Children Medical Center, Al Mujarrah, Sharjah, UAE. Keep yourselves fit as a fiddle.

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