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We’re here for You and Your Child Right from the Start. We offer the Full Breadth of Children’s Services Delivered by Leading Consultant Paediatrician and an Expert Team of Healthcare Professionals. Children Visiting our Clinic receive the Best of Care, Benefiting from Our Comprehensive Range of Paediatric Specialities and Diagnostic Services.

Services available: 

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  • Immunization and advice about prevention of illnesses 

  • Lactation & Breastfeeding advice

  • Growth and Development monitoring and advice 

  • Management of Asthma attacks and Preventive strategies

  • Treatment and Nutritional advice for Vitamin Deficiencies and Anemia 

  • Cure for Constipation

  • Treatment of Chronic Diarrhea 

  • Management of Acute respiratory infections 

  • Recognition of Endocrine disorders 

  • Identification and Treatment of Urinary Tract infections

  • Behavioral Recognition

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