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The Skin is the Largest Organ in the Human Body, and it Protects All Other Organs from the Outside World. That said, Shouldn’t We All be Paying More Attention to Our Skin Starting from General Habits?
Unlike other organs, Healthy and Beautiful Looking Skin is Easily Noticeable and Boosts Confidence making our Lives Much Easier. There’s nothing worse than Preparing for an Important Meeting or a Landmark Party and Discovering a Breakout on the Skin that We Cannot Hide.
By Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Dermatologist, You will Benefit from Healthier, Nicer Skin and Better Choice at Cosmetics.
So, You’ll Be in Safe Hands.
No matter what Condition Your Skin is Currently in, a visit to an Experienced Dermatologist is Always Worthwhile. Whether you’re Suffering from Dry Skin, Skin Ageing or a More Severe Condition like Acne or Skin Pigmentation, We have You Covered.
Dermatology is a Medical Specialty Concerned with Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Diseases.

Services available: 

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  • Basic Skin, Hair and Nail care

  • Treatment of Dark marks, Dark circles and Dark lips

  • Botox

  • Meso Gold therapy

  • Mesotherapy for Rejuvenation, Pigmentary disturbances, Cellulite, Striae and Hair fall.

  • Chemical Peeling for Acne, Melasma, Pigmentation, Striae, Rejuvenation and Scars

  • Spot TCA Peel

  • Diagnosis and Management of Hair Fall

  • Management of Keloids and Acne keloidalis nuchae

  • Management of Hyperhidrosis

  • Electrocautery and Radiofrequency ablation therapy

  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy for Rejuvenation, Hair fall and post-acne scars

  • Patch testing for Allergic reactions

  • Chemical peeling, Global and Spot
    Removal of Skin tags, Moles, Corn and Molluscum

  • Post acne scar treatment

  • Screening for Cutaneous Malignancy

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