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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

What is your new patient procedure?
On new arrival, we require an Emirates ID or equivalent identification document, valid insurance card (if applicable) and a working contact number. We then record vitals and growth parameters in case of children before proceeding to see the doctor.

How many patients do you serve at Al Arif Heart and Children Medical Centre?
We serve a good number of patients on a daily basis with a preference for detailed consultations wherein advice is complete and all clinical queries are answered.

How do you carry out investigations at Al Arif Heart and Children medical center?
At times when blood tests and other investigations are necessary for prescribing appropriate treatment, we can take the necessary samples and send to trusted centers in close proximity. Once the reports are ready you will be informed to come over to collect it.

Do you follow a protocol in case of procedures?
Yes, procedures require to be well informed to a patient and this is validated by informed consent. When necessary, photographs before and after the procedure will be taken for valid assessment.

What is unique about our cosmetic services?
We offer top-of-the-line treatment solutions. The products we use are exclusively customized and tailored under expert hands for a gratifying solution.

Are procedures done by a dermatologist or an experienced nurse? 
All our procedures are performed by Specialist Dermatologist. After explaining the Details of the Procedure and Answering All Queries, our dermatologist conducts all clinical & cosmetic procedures with basic assistance of a nurse. 

Does PRP, Microneedling or Mesotherapy cause considerable discomfort? 
Your Comfort and Satisfaction are important to us. 
Performed for Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Fall or Treatment of Scars/Dark marks. We apply a numbing cream 20-30 mins prior to conducting the procedure and ensure client satisfaction throughout. We do consider local nerve blocks in certain situations. A mild sting may be experienced rarely. Our Doctors ensure to check with clients about any possible discomfort.

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